Our references and customers are located in an impressive list. We are proud to announce that paspoppen.be is the main supplier of Tomorrowland, garden centres, retail chains, clothing giants, museums, fashion shows, schools, training institutes, small and medium-sized companies, businesses and individuals. Paspoppen.be is an established advertiser in Knip Mode, Hobby Handig and many other related trade magazines…..

Please have a look in our events calendar. For more than six years we have been an exhibitor at fabric and clothing shows everywhere in Europe where you can find and meet us. At these fairs, you can of course buy our various mannequins and dress forms. With all our experience and expertise we would be honoured to give you a word of explanation there.

But above all: take a look in our webshop www.paspoppen.be . Surely you’ll get lost between our thousands of products and you will be happy to make a perfect choice.